Engage the Spiritual Practice of Uncensored Prayer

In a world searching for honesty and integrity, author Joy Wilson is leading the way by proposing a bold and daring approach to prayer.  What would it look like to engage God in a wrestling match, and live to tell about it? In this bold and beautiful account of Uncensored Prayer, author Joy Wilson shares her insights and experiences of taking a radical risk with God.

In Uncensored Prayer, The Spiritual Practice of Wrestling With God, Joy invites readers to take the leap of faith into a simple idea: God wants to engage each of us in a loving, trusting, and ongoing dialog of restoration, unhindered by traditional structures. When we get real with God, the door opens wide enough for us to hear God’s suggestions, wisdom, and understanding.
Joy’s experience will both shock you and invite you into a radically deeper experience of spiritual communion with God, one that revolutionizes your prayer.

Joy states, “I have wrestled with God since I was a teenager, alternating between what I thought was the “right” way to pray and just plain yelling at him. The wrestling grew out of traumatic experiences with males who promised love but delivered wrath. I mistakenly thought God was one of them. I believed He heard my prayers, but didn’t answer them because I was at fault.

Over time, I learned God loves me as I am, warped, wounded, and precious. He and I laugh, cry, and occasionally scream together, wrestling in the dirt when that’s what I need, because I can’t do that with anyone else without offending them. God is incapable of being shocked or offended by anything we throw at him. He is truth himself, and values truth from us.”

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